Rosedale Gemstone Guide


The word diamond originates from the Greek word “adamas” which means “unbreakable” and “invincible”. This definition refers to the extraordinary hardness of diamonds but also has evolved to signify the strength, resilience, and eternal love of one's relationship. Diamonds are the most popular ring stone choice in the world and are frequently used in engagement, wedding rings, as well as fine jewelry for loved ones. Diamonds have a very high frequency energy which has been said to stimulate and open all chakras, or energy channels and come in a variety of colors. Diamonds are the birthstone for April.

Colors we use:
  • White Diamond
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Diamond Champagne Diamond


Emerald is said to possess healing properties and to activate love energies. It is also perceived as a powerful remover of negative energy and an attractor of prosperity and health. Legend has it that by wearing emeralds, one increases their intelligence and ability to think objectively. Emeralds are a stunning deep green and are the birthstone for May birthdays.


Opals fall into a class of their own. Each opal is delicate and distinctly individual. This is an emotionally stabilizing, and nurturing gemstone with dazzling flashes of color known as play-of-color, that catch as the stone is turned. There are a variety of opals. Below are the specifics and types you will find in our Rosedale Jewelry. Opal is the birthstone of October.

Mostly Australian Opals from Coober Pedy
Some darker Opal / Boulder Opal
Some Cantera Opal


Rubies are a radiant red gemstone that are believed to help one enhance their sense of courage & passion. Rubies have long been connected with strength of mind and body and the ability to combat anger and stress. These sensational gemstones are the birthstone for July and make for stunning statement jewelry.


Tourmaline symbolically represents wisdom, creativity, stability and calmness. This gemstone is thought to soothe emotions and procure inner harmony. This gemstone is prismatic and come in a variety of colors and types. This gemstone is also associated with October birthdays.

Colors / Types We Use
Bi-color / multi color
Watermelon Tourmaline
Single Color
Single Colors used: mostly Greens & Pinks
For Bi-color/multi color used: variety of shades from green to blue to pink to red/orange, there is a large assortment of shades, but most shades are in the pink to green family


Sapphire is a very popular gemstone. This September birthstone comes in many colors and is considered protective in nature. It is said that Sapphires possess the ability to protect its wearer from physical harm and bad intentions.

We use all colors in our Sapphire Jewelry

Tanzanite- Tanzanite is a alluring deep blue stone found only in Tanzania. These gemstones range in color from deep blue to violet and represent heart, intellect, intuition, and purity. These stones are often used to symbolize longevity, dignity, and truth. This is one of the birthstones for December.

Spinel- Spinel is a fiery orangish-red gemstone that is recognized for healing energies and the ability to encourage great passion and devotion. This stone also symbolized revitalization and also used for August birthstones.

Rosedale Jewelry’s Most Popular Gemstones- Sapphire, Diamond, Opal, Emerald & Tourmaline

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