My first blog post! So bear with me here. I wanted to start a blog to give insight into my process from inception to the final sparkly goodies they become. 

As an artist life can get a little, well, messy... When the lovely blogger and talented designer Ana Cavalheiro visited my studio for an article on her site Space Unseen, we joked about how clean and organized my studio ( I had just moved into my new studio the week before which explains the exceptionally clean and organized space). Her photos turned out beautifully and we joked that she wanted to see what it looked like in a few months in the middle of full steam ahead production. So this ones for you Ana!

First the lovely and clean photos from Anas visit:


Not bad right? Pretty clean and organized.... Now for the reality check three months later as I've just wrapped production on my new collection and my studio is a DISASTER. I guess you have to make a little mess to make a little magic!

** Immediately after this post I will be going into OCD overdrive to reorganize the studio, otherwise I may lose my mind **

Commence the cleaning and organizing activities. Can't wait to show you all the new goodies this glorious mess created!

- Kate

AuthorKatherine Kramer